Mac's Filter Float

'If you pump or gravity feed from a dam, creek or tank you need a Mac’s Filter Float'

Mac's Filter FloatMac's Filter FloatMac's Filter Float is an agriculture water filter unit, for when you are drawing water from a dam, creek, stream, river or tank. The Unit floats just below the waterline in the cleaner and best water. The Unit will float up and down with the water level; can be floated vertically or horizontally.

The Unit has a 5mm Stainless steel filter which has a minimum of 8 times the capacity of the outlet, which means less draw of rubbish. A finer inline filter can be installed or a foot valve inside the filter, if required.

The filter is supplied with a 50/40mm reversible 'Hansen' outlet, which can be increased or reduced by standard fittings.

    Mac's Filter Float
  • The cleanest water is near the surface, right where the filter unit will be floating.
  • Quick, easy and simple to install.
  • Built of strong plastic and stainless steel.
  • All standard Hansen fittings fit the filter.
  • 2 Awards at The New Zealand National Fielday Awards.
  • We have sold thousands of these units all over New Zealand and Australia in the last 12 years.


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